How Ad Badger Manages Amazon Keyword Bidding

How Ad Badger Manages Amazon Keyword Bidding

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Most sellers sign up for a tool without knowing how the tool works to manage their bids. At Ad Badger, we want to provide the most transparency possible on how our Bid Optimizer works.

In this video, we let you know just how Ad Badger's Bid Optimizer works and what our AI technology is doing to manage your keywords and avoid wasted spend.

We made this video to talk about how Ad Badger's Bid Optimizer:
- Uses an individual strategy, not a portfolio strategy to bid on every item. Every keyword will be perfectly tuned with it's own level of performance.
- Works for new keywords and ad groups
- Evaluates your RPC TACoS and TCPC
- Studies and updates bids monthly and gets smarter with AI technology
- Provides transparency of why we bid the way we bid

Here is the link to our inch up method mentioned in the video:

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