Google Ads Forecast Tool and Budgeting - Free Budgeting Spreadsheet

Google Ads Forecast Tool and Budgeting - Free Budgeting Spreadsheet

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Check out our Google Ads Forecasting and Budgeting video for 2019. We go over how you can forecast a new Google Ads campaign. Google AdWords Forecasting is important because it can help you decide how much you want to spend for the month, give you an idea of how well a campaign will perform, help you decide whether or not you should run Google Ads, and give you a baseline for the performance you can expect based on the campaign you are building. The better the plan you build in the beginning, the better your forecast data will be for your campaign. The Google Ads Forecasting Tool is available through the Google AdWords interface. I will not be going through the Performance Planner in this video, that will be saved for a video in the future.

PPC Forecasts can be difficult, but this tool makes it much easier so you can project how a campaign will perform in the future.

We use the Google Keyword Planner and build a Plan that will allow us to forecast campaign data. It will be pretty accurate, but it won't be exact. You can also import conversion metrics to make sure you can know how well the campaign will perform for you. If you want to forecast conversions, ROAS, conversion value, costs, clicks, and more, use the Google Ads Keyword Planner to do it. It's not difficult to build a Google Ads Forecast and it can be helpful if you are working for clients as well.

When it comes to Google Ads Budgeting, you need to make sure you are pacing your budget over the course of the month. We have a free spreadsheet below so you can keep your Google AdWords budgets on track throughout the month and look at your data every single day.

Google Ads Budgeting Spreadsheet:

All you need to do is open that link, you can download the file to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file. If you are using Google Sheets, simply download the Microsoft Excel file and import it directly into Google Sheets.


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